The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.

Albert Einstein


Basic Service Package is designed to meet the needs of small or newly established companies and it includes:

  • Keeping account books or simplified accounting
  • Income tax and vat settlement
  • Payroll services for employees and associates
  • ZUS (Social Insurance) declarations
  • Dealing with current accounting issues
  • Business consulting services

Extended Service Package is designed to meet the needs of fast-growing companies wishing to enjoy the benefits of outsourcing. Delegating additional time-consuming duties to the accounting office enables more efficient time use and focussing on business development.

Extended Service Package may include the following:

  • Entering transfers to the banking system
  • Issuing sales invoices
  • Reporting on the results
  • Reporting on the claims and liabilities
  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Drawing up the estimates of manufacturing costs of products or services
  • Scanning documents.

If a company employs an accountant, they are entitled to a full salary regardless of the volume of work there actually is to be done. In addition, it is the company who is obliged to cover the costs of training, accounting software and other associated with vacancy. Moreover, should any mistakes be made by the accountant, it is the company which is liable for the effects. Alternatively, we provide flexible pricing of our services, which means that we only charge for the performed accounting services as the price for the service depends on the actual amount of work done.

Professional Service Guarantee:

All the employees in our office are required to work towards obtaining the powers of statutory auditor or tax adviser. This condition ensures that every step of the accounting process is performed for your company by a professional with the highest level of expertise

Internal Control System:

The accounting department has implemented internal control system focussing on verification of the accuracy of entries and tax settlements performed by statutory auditors employed by our office, but not directly involved in the accounting services of the specific company.