People believe that something is impossible until there comes the one who doesn’t know that it is impossible. And he does just that.

Albert Einstein

Accounting office owners and employees must have a very extensive knowledge of accounting, taxation, law and finance. However, the requirements of the customers often involve highly specialised knowledge which is not necessary during basic services provided for a given client. If such situation occurs, it is definitely more efficient to seek support from the experienced advisers of „Josef Welt” office rather than gaining the necessary expertise independently. Should an accountant decide to solve the problem on their own, it may be expected that the client will notice that they are treated as an experimental field. The office which can show that they benefit from a network of professional partners seems to be much creating a much more grounded image.
On the other hand, „Josef Welt” office guarantees an absolute loyalty in the relationships with their customers.


Our statutory auditors provide consulting services in the following areas:

  • Cash Flow planning;
  • Developing accounting policies,
  • Planning and settling production processes in the accounts;
  • Arranging and closing “the circle of costs”;
  • Settling accounts and drawing up financial statements.

One of the major risks that born by accounting office is the liability for the correct tax settlement of transactions carried out by their clients. They are often transactions of high value and therefore they carry a significant tax risk.

„Josef Welt” offer their support in the following areas:

  • Entering in the accounting books and preparing tax settlements of non-cash contributions;
  • Entering in the accounting books and preparing tax settlement of transformations, divisions and mergers;
  • Preparing tax expertise to clients of other offices.

Statutory auditors employed in our office provide training for accounting offices both at on our or clients’ premises. We tailor our training services to meet the needs of a particular accounting office. We are currently conducting generic training in the following areas.


Remuneration of the “Josef Welt” consultants is calculated on the basis of the rate PLN 200 – 250 net per hour plus vat, depending on the complexity of the issue. In the case of specific individual tasks or tasks related to tax optimisation, the remuneration is negotiated individually and depends on the results obtained by the client. We offer attractive discounts for our long-term partners.