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Thomas A. Edison

Each year the tax aspects of running a business are becoming increasingly complicated. The experience of numerous entrepreneurs confirms that conducting business operations without professional tax advice may result in losing the achievements of a lifetime. Do not take such risk. Instead, plan your next steps together with Josef Welt.

  • Our office provides ongoing support in dealing with tax and accounting issues.
  • We draw up opinions and develop contracts, regulations, statutes and other documents necessary to run successful business operations. Our team has extensive experience in ongoing support services; this enables us to provide comprehensive tax assistance for businesses.
  • We prepare all the required documents and conduct all the procedures necessary to set up and run partnerships and limited liability companies. As advisers we also participate in meetings of partners (shareholders) as well as meetings of supervisory and management boards.
  • We participate in an ongoing dealing with arising issues regarding taxation and accounting, faced by our customers. We work with all departments, ranging from the managements, through the accounting to sales, marketing and investment divisions.
  • One of the forms of ongoing support is verification of the current fiscal settlement at the end of the month, quarter or the year.

We prepare and carry out restructuring processes aimed at minimising tax liabilities. We strive to find the optimal and safe forms of tax optimisation, while reducing other costs of optimisation processes, including legal costs, stamp duty and court costs.

We provide innovative transactions, tailored to you company needs, which result in reducing tax liabilities in the following areas:

  • Current operations and depreciation of fixed assets
  • Real estate sales,
  • Taxation of dividend payments,
  • Other services tailored to the needs and abilities of the entity.

Optimisation processes are based on domestic and international legal structures. Suggested solutions are fully supported by the current tax regulations.


Our office draws up expert tax opinions for business entities, accounting offices and audit companies.

These opinions are prepared using the knowledge of practising experts, the lecturers of the Accountants Association in Poland, the National Chamber of Statutory Auditors, and the Social Academy of Sciences.


Our office provides professional advisory services regarding the transformation of operating entities. We use our experience in taxation and accounting when planning the processes of setting and transforming of partnerships and companies as well as divisions and mergers.

Thanks to years of experience we know how to avoid negative tax consequences of restructuring, but also we can help to generate additional tax benefits through the use of legally accepted solutions optimising tax liabilities.


Our office provides new business planning services as well as evaluating the correctness of the transactions conducted with foreign partners.

Our expertise includes:

  • Taxation of income received or paid as interest, intangible rights, dividends and business operations in accordance with the agreements on double taxation avoidance signed by Poland;
  • Taxation of employees, directors and managers’ salaries;
  • Evaluation of the correctness of the transactions between given facility and company headquarters;
  • Determining tax consequences of the sale of stocks, shares, property and other assets in respect of withholding tax.

Developing transfer pricing policy requires comprehensive expertise and experience both in the field of taxation and accounting, finance and the wider economics. Our office provides this combination of experience and skills. Josef Welt office is distinguished by a comprehensive approach to the development of transfer pricing policy.

This service includes:

  • Analysis of completed and planned transactions in terms of the used transaction prices risk;
  • Developing taxation scenarios of planned transactions;
  • Preparing taxation documentation;
  • Developing tips justifying the use of certain parameters of financial transactions.

Remuneration of the “Josef Welt” consultants is calculated on the basis of the rate PLN 200 – 250 net per hour plus vat, depending on the complexity of the issue. In the case of specific individual tasks or tasks related to tax optimisation, the remuneration is negotiated individually and depends on the results obtained by the client.